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About Management

The manager of Alberta Real Estate Consulting Ltd. has been a licensed Realtor with RE/MAX since 1987 with a large percentage of his business being Condominiums.

He helped to create the first Standing Condominium Committee at the Calgary Real Estate Board in 2005 and was involved in creating the rules and regulations for measuring condominiums and reporting correct sizes with respect to the condo’s. After leaving the Condominium Committee the Real Estate Board changed how to report condo sizes on the MLS twice!

He is a Certified Condominium Specialist which is a designation through the Calgary Real Estate Board.

His personal opinion about providing the living area size to the buyer, listing and selling Realtor as well as the seller is very clear. He feels that by only giving the buyer the registered size and what is included in the registered size allows for the potential of being misleading and therefore each and every purchaser should demand that their Realtor verify the living area size and explain how that size was determined, as well each and every seller should demand their Realtor do the same so that they can provide this information to the buyer to prevent future problems in the future regarding misleading the buyer.

He completely disagrees with the position of the Real Estate Board that the only size in condominiums is the registered size is a joke and will only cause many problems in the future for buyer’s, seller’s and

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